Current ‘Extra’ Custard Flavors Available

Our current extra custard flavors are:  MINT CHIP & STRAWBERRY

Come get them while they last!


9420 Manchester Rd
Rock Hill, MO. 63119
Telephone: 314-961-9191

Mon – Thu   11:30 – 10:00pm
Fri & Sat      11:30 – 11:00pm

Sun              11:30 – 10:00pm

Shakes and Concretes w/ 3 toppings

three-top-smallPeanut Butter Island – chocolate & peanut butter cups, topped w/ whipped cream & chocolate sprinkles
Bahama Brownie – brownies & fudge, topped w/ whipped cream & chocolate sprinkles
Malibu Mocha – coffee mocha & Heath, topped w/ whipped cream & chocolate sprinkles
Steel Drum-stix – sugar cone pieces, peanuts & chocolate shell
Tiki Turtle – pecans, caramel & fudge
Green Iguana – mint & chocolate shell, topped w/ whipped cream & rainbow sprinkles
Caribbean Cobbler – cinnamon apples & pie crust, smothered w/ caramel
Pina Colada – coconut, banana & pineapple
Pumpkin Pie – pumpkin pie blended into a concrete topped w/ whipped cream

Shakes and Concretes w/ 2 toppings

two-top-smallFish Bait – cookies ‘n cream topped w/ gummy worms
Banana Cabana – chocolate and bananas
Blow Fish – vanilla frozen custard topped w/ chocolate shell & pretzels
Strawberry Surf – strawberries & chocolate shell
Peach Paradise – peaches & pie crust
Cherry Paradise – cherries & pie crust

Create your own flavor!

sprinkles-logoSyrups – chocolate, caramel, marshmallow, chocolate shell, cold fudge, hot fudge, mint, coffee mocha, butterscotch, peanut butter
Fruit – strawberry, banana, blackberry, blueberry, peach, cinnamon apple, raspberry, pineapple, tart pie cherry, crushed maraschino cherries
Candy – Butterfinger, Heath, gummy worms, M&M’s, Snickers, Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups, dark chocolate pieces, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles
Bits – sugar cone pieces, brownies, Oreo (cookies & cream), cookie dough, granola, pie crust, pretzels, cheese cake pieces, Nutter Butter, malt powder
Nuts – crushed peanuts, almonds, pecans, toasted coconut

Custoozie or Non-fat Smoothie

coconut pineapple
peach blueberry
mango raspberry
strawberry banana
Add a scoop of custard to make it a custoozie – DELICIOUS

Custard, Cones, and Bowls

cones-logoCake Cone
Sugar Cone
Waffle Cone
Chocolate Dip Cone
Waffle Bowl
Cup of Custard
Quarts – Vanilla or Chocolate
Flavored Quarts


Bottled Water
Iced Tea
Hot Coffee
Iced Coffee (Mocha or Caramel)
Hot Chocolate

Frozen Custard Cakes and Pies

(Cakes made to order. Call ahead to order)
1/4 sheet cake
8″ round cake


Strawberry Shortcake
Peach Shortcake
Snow Cones
Banana Split
Cheese Cake Slice optional topping!