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About Us

St. Louis Frozen Custard Factory first opened in 1998 at the corner of Manchester & McKnight in Rock Hill, MO. This is still our flagship store and is a landmark in the Mid-County area.

How have we managed to stay in business so long? Simple: We serve the smoothest, creamiest, richest custard anywhere – period! Besides our famous vanilla custard, we offer a 98% fat free vanilla custard, a no-sugar added vanilla custard, chocolate custard and add an ‘extra’ flavor (or two) weekly!

We stay open year-round with our drive thru – or enjoy sitting out front or in our grass area on the side of the building.

Whether you get one of our signature concretes or sundaes, a real fruit smoothie or a custard cake/pie, St. Louis Frozen Custard Factory is a ‘must stop’ anytime you are in St. Louis!